Testimonials for Kickboxing and Thai Boxing

Dawn has been very supportive and my enthusiasm has been maintained by her fun way of instructing. I have now completed my fourth grading and belt with Dawn and I have improved both my physical ability and flexibility. I now understand why my boys love the sport and it’s a testament to Dawn’s motivation that they have been training for 9 years with her. – Andrea Rooney

I have practiced both Kick boxing and Thai boxing before when I was younger. However I find Dawn’s attention to detail and passion for what she does awe inspiring. She works with each student during a lesson to ensure they get the most from each session. Having taken one on ones with Dawn also I can thoroughly recommend them if you wish to really refine and perfect your technique. – Paul Robinson


I can thoroughly recommend 1 – 1 kick boxing sessions with Dawn she is an excellent motivator, superb instructor and she makes each session a great experience. Both my fitness and flexibility has improved greatly since I started these weekly sessions – Adrian Willey


I started kick-boxing with Dawn at the age of 9 after being introduced by a school friend. I have progressed through all of my belts which has given me greater confidence and helped me to become physically fit. With Dawn’s help and support I am now a black belt and also assistant coach. I am still training and now working towards my black belt 2nd Dan. – Jak Broomer


Kickboxing with Dawn is a challenging and rewarding way to improve fitness flexibility bodytone and definition. Thanks to Dawn’s patience and encouragement it is also a great way to learn something new in a fun way. – Andy Arnett